How long will it take to pay off my credit card?

Tips to Reduce Credit Card Debts

Paying off your credit card debt can be a huge problem especially after the balance on the card increases greatly. This is a common problem that is faced by many nowadays. A fast-paced lifestyle and extravagant habit often makes us spend more than we can afford to, and it ends up accumulating till our head is under the water! [Read more…]

How much do I need to save for college?

How to Save for Your Child’s College Fund

College tuition is becoming more expensive with each passing day, which is why you need to have a solid savings plan. It is important to start saving from the start so you don’t have to worry about funding when the time comes to send your kids to college. Regular contribution to an account for your children’s college fund isn’t sufficient, you need to save smartly. [Read more…]

Should I Refinance?

Is Refinancing a Good Idea?

Under normal circumstances, we would like to purchase everything with cash and not get into the complexities of credit. However, the world of finance doesn’t work like that and you have to deal with credit at some point or the other. You have to know about the market trends so that you can take advantage when interest rates are low by making lucrative investments that give good returns. [Read more…]

How much do I need to fund my retirement?

What Should You Know about IRA

Worried that you don’t have a 401k? Don’t worry – the Individual Retirement Account (IRA), is the perfect solution for you as it is one of the best investments you are going to make so as to enjoy the fruits after retiring! There are various types of IRAs available right now, which offer a myriad of tax benefits, but withdrawal regulations are quite strict so that investors don’t misuse the privilege. [Read more…]

How much car can I afford?

How to determine if you can afford a car?

Who wouldn’t like to own a car? We get envious when we see our friends cruising along in their own car or smartly dressed working professionals driving to offices, because we wish to do the same! Thanks to easy loan schemes and low interest rates, this has been a dream come true for many, but the process isn’t as easy as it looks. [Read more…]

How much will my payments be for a balloon mortgage?

Should You Opt for Balloon Mortgages?

Worried about monthly mortgage payments because of an unstable income? Don’t worry- you can easily go for balloon loans, as they are specially designed for people who are unable to afford a fixed high monthly payment. There is quite a bit of flexibility because minimum payments are required during the repayment program only – it comprises just of interest and a small part of the capital. But the borrower needs to cancel the remaining capital at one go when the term ends. [Read more…]

Should I consolidate my loans?

Is it Advisable to Consolidate Loans?

Be it home loans, car loans, or student loans – eventually all of it seems to pile up and leave a huge mess. No matter how much we try, there comes a point when the entire process of clearing the loans becomes overwhelming and we are clueless as to how we can manage our expenses to pay off the outstanding amounts faster. [Read more…]