How much can I spend each month in retirement?

Tips for Spending in Retirement

Retirement is the beginning of another milestone in your life. You have worked hard to get to the point when you don’t have to worry about achieving targets or meeting deadlines anymore. You can relax and indulge in all those hobbies for which you didn’t get time before.

Changes to adapt to

However, there will be a drastic change when it comes to lifestyle. No longer do you have to get up at a fixed time and go to work – you are basically free to do as you wish and have a good amount of money at your disposal. This is where a bit of planning is necessary so that you can use the cash wisely. Have you been investing money in mutual funds, stocks, and shares to accumulate a good amount for retirement? You will need to streamline the channels of your income so you know how much you are generating on a monthly basis.

A few pointers to keep in mind:

  • When a chunk of money is suddenly available, there is a tendency of impulse buying. The urge can be really strong to purchase something pricey that you have coveted for a long time! You need to restrict yourself from spending on such luxuries as they will eat away at your savings eventually.
  • Currently, you don’t have a stable source of income in the form of monthly paychecks like before. Although you might have a good amount stored in your bank account, you have to depend on that for the rest of your life. The investments made by you might provide residual income, but unless it can match or exceed your salary when you used to work full time, you have to curb your spending habits slightly.
  • It is best to collate your investments and check which ones are yielding the highest returns. Once you get to know that, get rid of the others and focus only on those that give lucrative returns. You can monitor those closely and generate better profits from them.

It is advisable to begin a ledger and write down your monthly expenditures. Always leave some room for miscellaneous expenses, so you are prepared for all kinds of situations. Based on your data, this calculator can accurately predict the amount you can afford to spend each month in retirement. It is time to enjoy yourself, but just make sure you don’t stretch yourself too thin in doing so.


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